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H E R E T I C began in 2013, as an experiment where guests were placed into specific roles of a horror film. As guests  

made their way through a dilapidated house they encountered disturbed individuals that had been living and worshiping the body of a mutilated corpse. H E R E T I C is part film, part haunted house and a fully submerged realistic horror experience that constantly changes.


There are different sub-genres within the H E R E T I C simulations, MIDNIGHT KILLER is a gritty grindhouse giallo-type of experience that pays homage to Dario Argento, William Lustig and Ruggero Deodato. S U F F E R another simulation inspired by films such as MARTYRS and SALO or the 120 Days of Sodom.


These experiences escalate as guests make their way through the story and it can take them anywhere from a C A B I N in the woods two hours from L.A., to the back of a U-Haul being driven around with psychotic victims bound and choking on their own blood. It is this unpredictability, originality and intensity that bring guests back....this is not for everyone though, this is a 21 and over experience and is a very physically aggressive, mentally exhausting experience.


In September of this year H E R E T I C will be the first extreme haunt to present a show in reverse, guests will enter the end first and then make their way through to the beginning.




Opening its doors in 2015. Cracked is not only a survival experience but also a social experiment, its unique use of social media will engulf and emerse you in the attraction months before you step through the door. It will leave you struggling to work out what is real and what is fantasy, this is a not a one night event, Cracked- Survival Experience is a lifestyle that never ends. 10 contestants, 1 survivor! Cracked-Survival Experience will pit a group of strangers against each other in the UK’s most extreme 6 hour psychological challenge and experiment. Once you reach the top-secret location, Cracked-Survival Experience will take you on a multi-sensory journey using live actors and special effects to push you to your limit.


Cracked-Survival Experience is an extreme horror endurance event where participants will be subjected to number of effects including; electrical effects; extreme eating; simulated torture; intense psychological situations; water effects; live insects and disturbing/physically demanding scenarios. This will include the use of physical restraints.





April 2017 we took you deep into the minds of two creative twisted humans.


      Cracked- Survival Experience & HERETIC Haunted Simulation took you on a journey everyone who entered would never forget.


      Coming April 2018 you are invited once again into the inner circle to witness the clash of two of the most secretive events in the World. Last show horror simulation legend Adrian Marcoto laid to rest Blake Ciccone, the mastermind behind Europe's most intense horror experience.


       In one night you will endure what both haunts have to offer; the Cracked team will fly 5000 miles to take your body to new limits of endurance while also taking revenge on Adrian who has dreamt new ways to devour your soul.


Again you decide which powerhouse is the master.